Services to Alumni

Support from the Buller Centre for Business can continue after you graduate. Click on “Join & tell us where you are now” below so we have your up-to-date contact info. The check out “How can we help?“, and we can provide you with:

These services are available, free, to Providence alumni. If you thrive, we thrive.

Joining also entitles you to nominate and vote for the Alumni Representative on the Buller Centre for Business Board of Directors.

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We’re Proud of Our Alumni

Alumni are important to any program; they support the program by going through it, they show current and future students what they can do with their education, and they are the yardstick businesses use to judge our program and our new graduates.

We are proud to have 15 years of Business Administration alumni. We know that our alumni are contributing to the world around them through business careers, ministry leadership, non-profit management, and a broad range of leadership in other vocations.

Clyde Krant Award Winners

The Clyde Krant Award is given annually to a student enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration major. Since 1998 this business award has been given to a student who has shown academic and leadership capability.