Services to Businesses

The Buller Centre is dedicated to being of practical use to the business community.

Currently, we have four initiatives underway:

  1. Developing and presenting workshops for businesses
  2. Supporting the growth of green businesses and industries, focused in our Rural Municipality of De Salaberry
  3. Developing Connect Manitoba—a way to promote business-to-business contacts, focused on rural Manitoba
  4. Matching senior business students and alumni up with potential employers through Find Good People

1. Workshops for Businesses

We just wrapped up Keeping Repeat Customers and are in planning another for the fall.

Past workshops for business include:

2. Developing Green Businesses & Industries

Providence is located in the heart of rural southern Manitoba, in the RM of De Salaberry. We have been working with businesses, economic development staff, and community members to develop business opportunities in our area.

In these discussions, it has become clear that there are significant opportunities for green businesses—especially in the energy sector. We have been developing a Biomass Brokerage and a La Connexion Rural Rural Transit, as well as some additional opportunities in this sector through our projects.

3. Connect Manitoba

Helping rural Manitoba businesses make business-to-business connections through regional “speed-dating” sessions. Find:

  • new customers
  • new vendors and suppliers
  • potential business partners

4. Finding Outstanding Employees

There are two ways of finding outstanding employees through the Buller Centre:

Our graduates are in high demand by companies looking to hire the next generation of managers and leaders. We consistently have more demand for graduates than we have supply. Businesses they work with tell us they value them for their:

  • integrity
  • practical business training
  • work ethic

We have developed an active referral and introduction service, finding matches for businesses interested in senior students and alumni. Contact the Director, Bruce Duggan, if this is of interest to your business.