Find a Consultant

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We have access to a number of highly-skilled business people. The professors and adjuncts hired in Providence’s Business Administration program are all professional business people, as are the people we use to lead our workshops. We also, on occasion, bring in other business people with specific expertise to help with projects.

In addition to their own businesses, many of the people we work with act as consultants to other companies. If you’re looking for a consultant, you can find out more about the people we use—and, if you like, contact them directly—through the information listed below.

name areas of expertise current position
Daniel Lepp Friesen management & energy consulting website President, DLF Consulting

Please be aware that, should you use any of the people listed here as consultants, they are acting independently of the Buller Centre for Business. The Centre is not party to any agreements you may strike with them, and does not guarantee their work.