Services for our Community

Business skills and principles can be useful to non-profits and churches. However, simply imposing business standards on organizations who have non-business goals doesn’t work.

The Buller Centre adapts techniques that have been successful in management, strategy, and other business disciplines to the particular situation within the organizations we serve.

We focus on finding ways to help non-profits and churches achieve goals, rather than trying to get them to adopt the goals of business.


We offer management and leadership workshops for ministries, including churches. Our one is:

It is being held at Grace Community Church on the West Winnipeg Perimeter.

We’ve also held workshops on:

  • Building Healthy Board/Pastor Relations
  • How to make sure your church or ministry can keep it’s charitable status
  • Productive staff evaluations
  • Applying strategic planning to non-profits & churches

If you’d like us to hold any of these workshops in your community—or if you have an idea for a workshop you think would be helpful for ministries and churches you know—let us know.

We also have workshops available on how to make sure your church or ministry can keep your charitable status, and are developing:

  • Productive staff evaluations
  • Applying strategic planning to non-profits & churches

High Schools

We have developed lesson plans on using business ethics issues in class.


Business faculty and our Director have done consultations for churches and other organizations beyond the business world.

Business Ethics Advocacy

Our emphasis on business ethics also leads us to public advocacy, including the business ethics of payday lending.