Nuts & Bolts for Ministries

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nuts&bolts_imageBuilding on the success of our previous Nuts & Bolts workshops, we’re again offering our Nuts & Bolts for Ministries workshop series this fall.


To provide the members of your leadership team with the basic, practical management skills they need to do their jobs, enabling them to better serve God and meet the needs of His people.


Comments from Previous Participants

“I enjoyed participating in the Nuts & Bolts leadership workshop. The content was well developed and presented in a way to provide practical solutions to the group. It was an added bonus to connect with other ministry leaders in the city and to be encouraged by how God is at work in many unique ways in our city. I recommend participating in this opportunity as a way to increase your leadership skills and to learn of resources to improve the ministry that you are connected with.”
Ken “Chopper” Wilson
Lead Associate & Director of World Mission
Grant Memorial Baptist Church
“A great combination of expert input and peer interaction to address real organizational issues.”
David Kruse
MacGregor Evangelical Mennonite Church
“The material presented was very practical and of immediate usefulness. The interaction with others in similar ministries and churches was stimulating as we discussed the application and implication of what was presented. I commend you for putting it together and recommend it to others.”
Ray Klassen
La Salle Community Fellowship
“I was really grateful for the Nuts and Bolts workshop.  It gave me input, direction, and conversation with others about the life of the church.  I have found that I have used the learnings in different ways than I expected.”
Mary Anne Isaak
River East Mennonite Brethren Church
“These sessions provided ample theological reflection, new insights, and effective strategies for the practical tasks of pastoral ministry. I especially appreciated Bob’s low-key guidance, the opportunities for fresh perspectives from the varied course members, and the constant invitation into wiser and more faithful ministry practises. If you provide leadership in a Christian ministry, dig in and get equipped.”
Gavin Hall
Lead Pastor
Charleswood Community Church
“I was encouraged to take this training by a younger man who works within our ministry. I was at first disinterested, but then as I investigated the content and purpose, I knew I had to be involved. I was then quickly drawn into each training session and was on a learning curve that I enjoyed. I learned how the training, course readings, and preparations for class were useful for my own accountability. This made me eager to further present valuable lessons to our ministry leadership team. As a result of Nuts and Bolts, we have enhanced our understanding of team leadership. This course has helped me renew my leadership skills.”
George Hill
General Manager
Living Bible Explorers

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You may have some of the books on this list in your library already. If you don’t, they are available for purchase online through our bookstore and can be delivered to you at the workshop sessions.

Required Reading
Suggested Reading

Draft Schedule

Session 1 Introduction & Overview Sep 24
  • Leader? Manager? Pastor?
  • Building a foundation
  • Planning this workshop series
 Session 2 Planning Oct 8
  • Vision & goal-setting
  • Adapting strategy tools to a ministry setting
  • What structures make sense in your ministry?
Session 3 Human Resources Administration Oct 22
  • Hiring & interviewing
  • Creating & using job descriptions
  • Making evaluations worthwhile
  • Potential Human Resources landmines
Session 4 Organizing & Leading Nov 5
  • Defining Christian leadership
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Guiding teams
  • Creating change
Session 5 Good Board Practices Nov 19
  • Board roles, obligations & limitations
  • Board/leader relationships
  • Board/staff relationships
  • Keeping your charitable status in good order
  • Reading financial statements
  • How (and why) to budget
Session 6 Staying on Track & Wrap-Up Dec 3
  • Staff & volunteer accountability
  • Connecting goals to outcomes
  • Building change
  • What’s next?

Each session will include:

  • A short overview of the area of focus.
  • A discussion of how the relevant management skills and tools can best be adapted to ministry settings.
  • A case-based application to actual ministry situations.

Workshop Leaders

This workshop series is led by Bob Fast. Bob is the Director, Mortgage Specialist Network at Investors Group. Bob has been involved in leadership at Whyte Ridge Baptist Church for more than 20 years, including serving as their board chair. He is also the former Moderator of the General Council (the board of directors) for the North American Baptist Conference. Bob received his MBA from the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba in 2009.

Other leaders and presenters in this workshop series include Ted Hull, Irma McKenzie, and the Buller Centre’s Director, Bruce Duggan.
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