If you think what the Centre is doing has value, we invite you to donate to our activities.

The Buller Centre is a program of Providence University College & Seminary, which is a registered charity. That means your donation is eligible for a tax receipt if we keep to Providence’s donation policies.

If you’re already a donor to Providence, we encourage you not to donate to the Buller Centre instead. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is always a lousy idea.

Better to continue focusing on what you’re supporting now. When Providence thrives, all of its programs—including the Buller Centre—thrive.


But what if you already donate to Providence, but still want to help the Buller Centre?

Do you know someone—a business person perhaps—who isn’t a Providence donor yet, but who might value what’s happening through the Buller Centre?

Can you introduce us?


You don’t have to be a member of the Centre to donate, or to get a tax receipt. Deciding to be a member and to be a donor are two separate decisions.

Your donation can be targeted at the Buller Centre’s activities in general, or at something you care about in particular. It can also be targeted at bursaries and scholarships for Providence Business students.

You can allocate your investment to an endowment, or have it invested in current activities.

If you’re on the fence about donating, we’ll leave with you one last thought:

▶ The Buller Foundation will match your donation dollar-for-dollar ◀

Bruce Duggan

Providence uses to facilitate its online donations. You can donate online here.

If you’re thinking of donating for the first time, I’d love to talk to you first. Email me and we can get together.

Erna & Herb Buller
If you like, I can also put you in touch with Herb & Erna Buller to talk about why they’re investing in the Centre.

See Canada Revenue Agency Charities Directorate Providence webpage, including copies of our T3010 Registered Charity Information Return
See Canadian Council of Christian Charities Providence webpage