Entrepreneurship Bursary Recipient Wins Prize—Again!

March 4, 2013

Jordan Siemens has been named Manitoba’s 2013 Student Entrepreneur Provincial Champion, having taken the title once before in 2011. Jordan is the owner of Siemens Farms and full-time student in the Business Administration program Providence University College, where he is in the third year of his four-year double major in Business & Agriculture.

Provincial Champions were named by the national charitable organization, Enactus Canada and proud program supporter, the John Dobson Foundation as part of the Student Entrepreneur National Competition.

Siemens owns and operates Siemens Farms, a small grain and oilseeds farming operation in southern Manitoba’s Red River Valley. It focuses on three main crops: soybeans, wheat, and canola. He is receiving the title of Student Entrepreneur Provincial Champion because he balances the demands of a full time university course load with the trials and tribulations of running a company. But beyond that, he has a real passion for his industry.

“There is nothing more rewarding or important than farming,” says Siemens. “Farming is a business where I am actually contributing something physical to society. More than that, I am contributing food, and there is no other product as essential as food.”

It is that kind of attitude that makes an entrepreneur – and potentially a Student Entrepreneur Regional Champion. Siemens showcases his business and his accomplishments as an entrepreneur at the Enactus Canada Regional Exposition – Central Canada in Mississauga on March 11th, where he will compete for the regional title.

“Jordan has such an intense passion for his business and its place in society,” explains Enactus Canada president Nicole Almond. “This entrepreneurial spirit is what built this country and we want to encourage and celebrate it in other student entrepreneurs across Canada.”

“Jordan is a great ambassador for Providence, for our Business Administration program, and for our new double major in Business & Agriculture,” said Jeremy Funk, Assistant Professor of Business at Providence University College. “His commitment and dedication to being successful in both his educational and life pursuits is commendable. It is very evident in the way he applies himself when tackling new challenges and opportunities.”
Siemens will compete against three other Student Entrepreneur Provincial Champions from Central Canada for the regional title and the chance to move on to the 2013 Enactus Canada National Exposition in Toronto, Ontario taking place on May 8th. The National Champion will receive a $10,000 cash prize and represent Canada at the international level of competition, the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards.