Starting a book-selling business, setting up a rural transit system, creating a clearinghouse to buy and sell biomass—these are all examples of projects the Buller Centre and the business students at Providence are involved with right now.


  • Help students to learn practical business skills
  • Build a business enterprise
  • Benefit our community

Current projects include:

Students started a new business in Spring 2011. So far, they have had two successful years of operation. More here.

Working with seniors groups and the Rural Municipality in the Providence area, students are developing a rural transit system that would link Providence and surrounding communities to Winnipeg.

The Buller Centre has begun discussions to set up an event in south-central Manitoba similar to the Centralia event held in Winnipeg in October 2010.

Our first entry into the ACE Student Enrepreneur Competition—Jordan Siemens—met with considerable success. We’ll be following up with our next crop of young entrepreneurs in Fall 2011.

One of the most under-rated skills of a business leader is the ability to interact with the political world in a way that advances your business’ interests, without running the risk of unethical back-room dealmaking. Find out what business students here have done and are doing to engage the political world from a business perspective.

Green industries—especially renewable energy—have the potential to significantly enhance the economy of rural Manitoba. The Buller Centre is involved in a number of exciting projects to help build this sector.