Take Ten Coffee House


Quinn Johnson training the new baristas

Quinn Johnson trains the new baristas

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Led by the indefatigable Shevaun Fortune, a merry band of Providence students—Kaitlyn Robison, Michelle Scully, Norvin Campos, John Jatta, Quinn Johnson, and Brandon Post—set up and ran a coffee shop on campus all through the Fall 2012 semester. With the start of the winter semester, it is back up and running…and more popular than ever!

They were supported in their endeavours by three students who set up the accounting system for the projects coming out of the Buller Centre Incubator–Chad Effa, Andrew Kampen, and Dave Driedger, all under the watchful eye of Providence’s Vice President for Finance, John Laugesen,CA.

Who says you need money to do a market survey?

And, in a great example of the integration of Buller Centre projects with the Business Administration program’s class activities, their marketing was developed and executed with the help of the members of this fall’s Fundamentals of Marketing class, led by Chris Banman, MBA, a member of our adjunct business teaching team.Take Ten Coffee House was developed as a business idea in Winter 2012’s Introduction to Business class.

Just one example of our stealth marketing campaign

Following initial test marketing in spring, the Take Ten went into business in Fall 2012. It was open every Monday and Wednesday evening, 6 – 10 pm, and every Tuesday and Wednesday morning 8 – 10:30 am for the entire 2012-2013 school year.

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