The Buller Centre Incubator

texts4less team working in the Incubator, Spring 2012: Allison Siemens, Chad Effa, Jordan Siemens, and Shevaun Fortune

What is the Buller Centre Incubator?

One way to describe the Incubator is: “an office in the Buller Centre at Providence”. Although it’s small office, it has everything you need to start a business—desk, table, chairs, computer, internet, phone, video-conferencing capability, and a lock on the door. A lot of businesses start with a lot less.

But what makes an incubator an incubator? It’s the supports Buller Centre staff and faculty provide. It’s the ideas, passion, and hard work the students bring.

The Buller Centre Incubator is where business ideas start their lives.

In Fall 2012, the Buller Centre Incubator expanded its activities to include bakc-office support for the other business projects students are involved in. Working with Providence CFO, John Laugesen, business students began to do the accounting, cheque writing, and bank account monitoring for both texts4less and Take Ten Coffee House.

It’s been great hands-on training in applying accounting principles to a real business situation—and a great excuse to learn Simply Accounting.

The back office gang sweating the accounts, Fall 2012: Dave Driedger, Andrew Kampen, Bruce Duggan, and John Laugesen.

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