Cutting-Edge Distance Education

eProv is Providence’s state-of-the-art distance education facility. It was developed, in part, with help from the Buller Centre, and from the federal government’s Knowledge Infrastructure Program (KIP).

eProv is like Skype on steroids. Built using the Nefsis video-conferencing platform, eProv lets you join a class, a meeting, or a conference at Providence from anywhere in the world—live, in real time, through your computer. You can see and hear the presenters and their materials. You can see and hear everyone else in the room. And, best of all, they can see and hear you—live. If you can Skype, you can eProv!

Providence has three eProv facilities—the Seminar Hub, the Lecture Hub, and Break-Out Rooms.

Seminar Hub

A board-room space that can hold a dozen people in person—and as many more by distance as needed.

Perfect for seminars, board meetings, and free-flowing discussion groups.

Email us to get a password to check out the Seminar Hub.

Once you have your password, CLICK HERE to download the Nefsis video-conferencing software and get access to the Seminar Hub.

When you click, you’ll be asked to download a small program from Nefsis, and launch it on your computer. If you’re working on a corporate network, you’ll probably need permission from your IT folks to do this.

Nefsis provides unmatched sound and video quality. So far, we’ve found it has only one drawback—it doesn’t work on Apple’s operating system. However, if you have an Apple computer with a Windows emulator, it works fine on that.

Lecture Hub

A 140-seat conference and lecture facility that can do everything the seminar hub can do—just bigger.

Perfect for lectures, panel presentations, annual meetings, and conferences.

Email us to get a password.

Once you have your password, CLICK HERE to download the software and come to the Lecture Hub.

Break-Out Rooms

Break-Out Rooms are virtual spaces for quick, informal meetings, for group work and study sessions, and for just plain talking.

Email us to get a password.

Once you have your password, CLICK HERE to download the software and use Break-Out Room 1.