Other Supports for Entrepreneurs

As you’ll quickly realize when you tour around this site, we value entrepreneurs. In addition to the supports we provide at Providence, there are a surprising number of external programs that help young entrepreneurs develop their ideas, their businesses, and their careers. Part of our job is to connect you with those programs.

Some of these are for students, and some are for alumni, but all of them can be useful to you.

YEP encourages Manitoba’s young people to start their own full-time businesses and pursue self-employment as a career choice. Approved applicants are eligible for a grant of up to $4,000 to help defray business start-up cost and capital expenditures.

ACE is a national, charitable organization dedicated to helping young Canadian entrepreneurs. Their flagship competition–the Student Entrepenur Program–provides coaching, connection, exposure (and prize money) to young entrepreneurs. Our 2011 entry to the competition, Jordan Siemens, was the provincial champion for Manitoba, and the Western-Canadian Regionals co-winner.