Services to Students

1. Join the Buller Centre

Students in the Providence Business program can now join the Buller Centre for Business. Providence students can join for free.

The Buller Centre exists, in part, to help you launch your career. Being a member gets you:

  • access to online listings of employers looking to hire you
  • the ability to post your resume online, where employers can find you on Find Good People
  • invitations to employer recruiting events
  • resume services
  • career advice
  • mentoring
  • opportunities to meet business leaders in your community
  • involvement in Buller Centre Projects & Businesses

To join, fill out the fields below.

BUT FIRST: Joining requires you to put in your email address. This email is how we identify you, and can’t be changed once you’ve joined.

Before you put in your email, consider it from a potential employer’s perspective. You want an email address that portrays you as a professional. The best is something like Yes, it’s boring. But it creates the image you want.

If you don’t have an email address like that, you need to get one first, and then fill out this form. If you want, you can always set it to automatically forward all your email to your regular email address.

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